Having been in operation since 2003 in Ho Chi Minh City, after 15 years, the Vinasun Taxi brand has continuously developed and expanded the market to 22 provinces with a large fleet of vehicles, an abundant and stable customer base. With the purpose of diversifying products to meet the diverse needs of customers, Vinasun Company is currently developing more commercial vehicle products. The right commercial vehicles desire to bring flexibility, initiative and high economic efficiency to partners.

- Working in a stable, professional environment, high turnover from 20 - 30 million / month.
- Discounts from 15%.
- Many preferential policies and support from the company for partners.
- Operate the system of call centers, marketing points, airports.
- The number of customers is large and stable. From Marketing spots and frequent customers using Vinasun card.
- Active partners at work.
- More convenient with various forms of reception and payment.
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Tel: (028) 39294133
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Email: thuongquyen@vinasuntaxi.com

Frequently Asked Questions
How many cars are allowed to participate in the Vinasun franchise?
Answer: All cars 2016 and older
What color car is allowed to participate in Vinasun Merchantship?
Answer: Colors accepted without repainting: gray, pastel, ivory ...
Other vehicles are white car paint is supported?
Answer: 50% support if painting at Vinasun Workshop
Is there a procedure to change the color of a vehicle to white?
Answer: Yes
Is there a procession to receive passengers at the airport?
Answer: Yes
Is transportation allowed at all Vinasun marketing points?
Answer: Yes
What is the royalty?
Answer: 11,000,000 VND/year
Partner must pay how much discount?
Answer: Only from 15.5% of daily sales
Is there beauty support in Vinasun's workshop?
Answer: Yes, support 50% of the amount of beauty but not exceeding VND 10 million per year.